Says Who

Founded by Kasper Meldgaard and Nikolaj Duve in 2010, Says Who is a Danish studio of industrial designers who share a common love for modern Scandinavian design. Simplicity and functionality are the core qualities of the studio's iconic designs.

With the Kettle, the possibilities are endless. This series beautifully illuminates its surroundings conveniently with its portability. Whether you decide to hang it from your ceiling, leave it standing on a tripod, or post it in your garden with the spike, there's no hassle in taking the Kettle anywhere.  

The Sponge is named after the sponges in the forest, where the inspiration for design, shape and expression is found. The simple lines and soft shapes make the Sponge an incredibly fun series, suitable inside and outside of the home.

Both series provide flexible lighting allowing you to adjust the brightness in three levels. The built-in battery has a durability of up to five hours at full power and even longer when the light is turned down to a cozy mood.