PET Felt: Pleasing to the eyes, ears and environment

Prism Felt

Complement your eco-home with this funky lamp made of recycled water bottles turned into soft yet durable material.

Linden Felt

Provides excellent atmospheric light and helps you to create both productive and pleasant environments at the office or any other place where you need a sound absorbing element.‎

Otto Felt

PET Felt looks and feels like a wool, highly durable, easy to clean and maintain. At the end of its lifespan, it’s also fully recyclable, making it an excellent green choice for today’s eco-conscious companies.

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Delightful & suitable lighting

Working from home may be taking up more of your personal space than you know it. Create nooks of sanctuary and allow yourself to reset during the day and naturally decompress at night. Lucendi holds a wide range of design style and material, offering lighting possibilities for every part of your home.

Photo: Atom by David Derksen

Mauricio Klabin

Eclipse Table Lamp

In 1982, Maurício Klabin has created the Eclipse table lamp, as beautiful as useful. One of his preocupation was that this lamp brings a well-being sensation as "when being taken by someone's arms". But for Mauricio Klabin "the work of a designer must be beautiful, good quality and low cost".



Robin Delaere received his license in product development from the Antwerp Institute of Architecture and Design, Belgium, and pursued subsequent design training in California. Shortly after that he received a distinction from the King Boudewijn foundatin for his work. He has designed consumer products and furniture for internationally renowed companies and authored several patents for his award wining designs. Operating somewhat outside the Belgian design scene, he has managed to win numerous design awards in Germany, France, Japan and the US.