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Working from home may be taking up more of your personal space than you know it. Create nooks of sanctuary and allow yourself to reset during the day and naturally decompress at night. Lucendi holds a wide range of design style and material, offering lighting possibilities for every part of your home.

Photo: Atom by David Derksen


Nordlux® Smart Light

Automate your home lighting with Nordlux Smart Light, Bridge and App, which makes use of the newest Bluetooth Mesh technology. This enables the program to work both indoor and outdoor with a stable communication between devices. Select your smart bulbs and luminaire so you can schedule your lighting, detect day and motion, or just set the mood as you come home.


Design For The People®

Design For The People® by Nordlux is rooted in the Danish design tradition, where aesthetics, simplicity and function are keywords. For this collection, talented designers focused on high quality materials such as marble, opal, glass and brass.

Photo: Raito by Bønnelycke mdd


Nordlux Moodmaker™

Like the Fallon, Nordlux Moodmaker™ gives extra functionality to light fixtures with memory & reset features, setting your light to the exact brightness and mood you need.


Design your own light

Designed by Henrik Bønnelycke, Fold shines up and down with four light patterns the user can choose from. It's magnetic shade makes the installation simple and distinct without visible screws.

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