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Tacoma is suited to bathroom spaces or living areas alike, ideal for use
as hotel reception lighting or in guest spaces. The visually appealing
glass lamp shades pair with our Single, Twin or Grande Tacoma wall


The Montreal is a modern interpretation of a classic bulkhead light, that's softened by its gently curved shape and wide-ribbed glass.

Versailles 370

Inspired by classic designs from the 1930s, the Versailles features individual glass rods that elegantly reflect and refract the light, this streamlined design also sits comfortably in other interior settings where it makes a subtle statement.

Our passion is to bring joy in the everyday lives of people through the beauty of light.

Design For The People®

Meet Kaito 40

Bønnelycke MDD has created a ceiling fixture that breaks with tradition. A dimmable light where design and innovation merge into something more significant. The shape is a sharp, modern, luminous surface emitting soft light. The functional kip joint adjusts the lamp head for a directional light made from brass, adding an elegant superiority to the design.


0 Spring 0 Bracket

Umberto's springless and bracketless feature makes installation and replacement a breeze. Without needing extra tools or hardware, simply insert the housing into place, and it will securely fit. This feature also makes it easier to remove the bulb when it needs to be replaced. No more struggling with small springs or brackets. This design simplifies the process and makes it accessible for anyone to handle.


Temple To Go

Temple is a portable, solar powered lamp by Danish design duo Says Who that balances elements from the classic lantern with a modern,
streamlined design. Temple is the perfect light for your garden, terrace
or balcony as it turns on automatically when darkness falls and provides a cozy, yet practical light. Made from durable brass that is well suited for harsh weather.