Sponge 20 Portable Pendant Lamp MoodMaker™

The Sponge 20 Portable Pendant Lamp MoodMaker™ is a flexible indoor/outdoor lamp that you conveniently can place anywhere you need light. With a built-in battery for up to 5 hours and 3-step dimming LED light, this lamp can set the mood at your balcony or even your living or bedroom.

- Long life built-in battery up to 5 hours
- High lumen output with 3-step dimming
- Battery charged via included USB cable

Technical Specifications

Size 22 H: 55.4cm, W: 20cm, L:20cm
Ø: 20cm, Shade Ø: 20cm
Pipe Ø: 2.3cm
Material Plastic/Metal
IP Class IP65, Class 3
Light Source Fixed LED, Incl. 4.8W LED
3-step MoodMaker™
Lumen 300, Kelvin 2700
Life hours 30,000
RA 80
5 year LED guarantee
Area Indoor/Outdoor 

Designer: Says Who