Nordlux Smartsensor

Let the entrance lights welcome you home from work with movement detection or automate the lights above that dark staircase with the daylight sensor, for safer navigation at night. The Nordlux Smart Sensor can automate your Nordlux Smart lights for an easier everyday routine. As well as having a motion sensor, the Sensor also has a built-in daylight sensor, which register when there is not enough light in your home or when it has become dark. This can reduce energy expenses as the lights only turn on when there is a need for it. The daylight sensitivity and scheduling of lights can be changed through the Nordlux Smart App. Additionally, the sensor runs on replaceable batteries, with each change providing 1 year of use, and it is completely wireless - so you can easily hang it wherever you want in your house.


Easy installation, cordless, daylight & motion sensor
IP safe for both outdoor and bathroom use
Battery included

Technical Specifications

Size W: 7.6cm, L: 7.6cm, D: 4.5cm
Material Plastic
IP Class IP54, Class 3
Area Outdoor